Presentación mundial de “Mis Caminos a Través de la Danza” en Seminci

noviembre 1, 2010

El estreno mundial del documental largometraje sobre la bailarina, coreógrafa y pedagoga Mariemma (1917-2008), Mis Caminos a Través de la Danza, sucedía el pasado sábado 30 de octubre en la Semana internacional de Cine de Valladolid, Seminci

Escrito, dirigido y producido por Daniel G. Cabrero (miembro 12608 del CID-UNESCO), el documental tuvo una estupenda acogida por parte del público vallisoletano. A dicha proyección asistió una sala abarrotada de público entre los que se hallaban bailarinas, coreógrafas y maestras de Danza Española de la talla de Lola Greco, Mariló Uguet, Rosa Ruiz, Aída Gómez, Elvira Andrés, Mayte Bajo o Carmen Orta entre muchas otras personalidades del mundo de la danza y de las artes en general.

Tras la proyección de la película el director de este trabajo nos comentaba: “Mariemma ha subido una vez más a los escenarios, esta vez a través de la gran pantalla, y nos ha hecho triunfar por todo lo alto en uno de los mejores festivales de cine europeos. Me siento muy orgulloso y contento por ello. Creo en la danza y voy a continuar realizando trabajos para que este bien esencial de la humanidad continúe manteniéndose cuidado y reconocido como se merece”.

Ahora Daniel y su equipo continúan promocionando su trabajo a través de festivales de cine y danza a nivel mundial!

Para más información y para ver el tráiler de la película:

ENGLISH: The world premiere of My paths through dance, a documentary feature film on Spanish dancer, choreographer and academic Mariemma (1917-2008) took place on Saturday 30th October as part of the Seminci International Film Festival

Written, directed and produced by Daniel G. Cabrero (CID-UNESCO member 12608), the documentary held a magnificent reception. The cinema was fully packed, and in there they gathered dancers, choreographers and Spanish Dance great masters such as Lola Greco, Mariló Uguet, Rosa Ruiz, Aída Gómez, Elvira Andrés, Mayte Bajo or Carmen Orta amongst many other high public figures of the dance world and the Arts in general.

After the screening of the film the director himself commented: “Mariemma has once more come up to the stage, this time around on film and making us succeeding in presenting her before one of the most recognised European film festivals. I am extremely proud and happy for this accomplishment mainly because I do believe in the power of dance. That´s why I´m going to continue carrying out projects directly related to this essential asset for humankind, and for it be kept, looked after and recognised as it always deserves”

Daniel and his team are now promoting their work through other film and dance-on-film festivals worldwide!

For more information and to watch the trailer of the film:


La primavera te saluda! Spring beckons you!

marzo 20, 2010

Buenos dias desde London city!

Esperamos que la vida continue como debe para vos.

Aqui asi es aqui en este sabado en el que continuamos el camino hacia la consecucion de nuestro documental, Mis Caminos a Traves de la Danza, con pasion, ilusion y mucha danza, y musica tambien en estos dias!

Ahi os dejamos esa por si apetece pasar un fin de semana de recordatorios veraniegos hoy, a punto de tocar las primeras horas de la entrada de la primavera:

Spring Equinox.. the start of spring, in 2010 is at 1732 hrs GMT on March 20th.
This year (2010) the Sun crosses the Celestial Equator at 1732 GMT on March 20th, so that is when winter ends and spring starts.

Disfruten de ello – adios lindo, largo y riguroso invierno!

The Team @ Danseuse Films

Cannes Virgins, our documentary on le Festival de Cannes

marzo 10, 2010

Our documentary film upon the Festival de Cannes, Cannes Virgins, is soon going to be part of our upcoming website.

The film was a comission by Skillset, and was a marvellous extension of the scheme which Skillset run – Open Doors Awards.

This commision gave the chance to Daniel G. Cabrero, Just and Gill Salmon to attend the Festival de Cannes and carry out this documentary which shows their experience in their fisrt time in Cannes in a funky and casual, yet informative way.

The film was co-directed byJust and Daniel and produced by Gill and Annie Beeharry.

More news on this one very very soon, BRAVO CHICOS!!

Editing goes very well, we keep on dancing!

marzo 10, 2010

Yesterday’s meeting with Beatriz, and regariding our upcoming documentary’s editing session, it all went really well.

Little by little, but quicker than I would have ever thought of, the timeline is getting filled with rather interesting and thought-provoking comments from the wonderful and prominent interviewees, who not only give us their powerful outcome, but they’re establishing themselves as the character roles that it was intended, with most of them, from the early stages of this projects.
Montero, has won their place in the narrative on their own right, BRAVO Goyo!

We now have a 7-day busy period finishing the transcriptions of the interviews left, which have less weight in the timeline as a whole, yet they are as prominent as the ones already there!

We’ll keep you informed on this. for now we keep on dancing to the rythm of Spanish Dance!

Editing “My Paths Through Dance”, on the road

marzo 8, 2010

Today I type in English basically because it feels so!

At the London headquarters of Danseuse Films, much hard-work is being carried out over the last few days, yet it is all exciting, very.

We currently are at a critical phase with Mariemma’s documentary, and I’m very glad to say it is all going so-far so-good. At the point where we are, it may certainly be the most critical moment on the entire project. You may be wondering why…

It is now that, after all these months of exciting, if tiring research; never-matching budgeting figures; carefully planning for far improvising; and smoothly filming in the most unlikely situations, we have accomplished almost all the shooting required (pending a couple of simple and well-thought beautiful reconstruction scenes) and so this is the time when and where thoughts, ideas, interviews, archive imagery and music, and our instinct for the type of story I’ve personally written and want to tell, they all must come together in the nicest and smoothest possible way, forward! And the happiest news about this all is that it is not arrogance, but it really feels the project is nicely coming!!

I do believe we still have a nice couple of busy months of work and inevitable pain, but I really really have the feeling things are to work out and the project is to come out with outstanding results!

Tomorrow I’m watching the first chapter almost in full, and trimmed to the wonderful music which accompanies it. And frankly, can’t wait for it, yet I must. And I need to keep relaxing as I do and am now, until when our wonderful editor, Beatriz, will cross the threshold of our London headquarters (9am sharp as a shark), hard drive in hand, and willing to have another nicely productive session where creativity will keep flowing gently, yet continuously pushing forward.

More after the meeting, great things going on.

Hola desde Danseuse Films

febrero 10, 2010

Bienvenidos al blog de Danseuse Films!  Welcome to Danseuse Films’ blog!  Bienvenu dans le blog Danseuse Films!

A través de este blog les tendremos informados de nuestras evoluciones, adquisiciones y consecuciones, además de las aventuras que ocurran a partir de este camino audiovisualmente danzarín al que hemos decidido titular Danseuse Films!

Besides the adventures from this new dancing venture that we have decided naming Danseuse Films, through this blog we are going to have you up to date with our evolutions, acquisitions and achievements!

À travers ce blog nous vous tiendrons informés de nos évolutions, adquisitions et réussites, mais aussi des aventures que nous traversons tout au long de ce chemin audiovisuellement dansant que nous avons décidé d’appeler Danseuse Films.